The National Archives of Malawi

A team of blacksmiths

The National Archives of Malawi was established in Zomba in July 1947 as a Regional Branch of the then Central African Archives. Later in 1953 after the formation of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, it became a branch of the National Archives of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. The responsibility of this branch was to be the official repository of public records as well as records belonging to private institutions and individuals who had connections with the territorial activities as well as the legal deposit library of all literature relating to the area. The Federation ended in December 1963 and in January 1964, the Nyasaland branch became the National Archives of Malawi.

Some of the National Archives of Malawi images we have digitised can be found here:

National Archives of Malawi

The Society of Malawi – Historical & Scientific

Mandala Manager’s Mess, now part of Museums of Malawi

The Society was established in 1946 (then known as the The Nyasaland Society) with membership open to all. The aims of the Society are to:

  • Promote interest in literary, historical and scientific matters
  • Discover and record facts and information about Malawi which might otherwise be lost
  • Acquire books on Africa generally but especially books relating to Malawi, to serve as a reference library to be maintained for the use of members and visitors
  • Support the museums of Malawi

The Society organises regular talks on a wide range of topics and publishes an excellent journal twice yearly. It also has an excellent library and archive located at Mandala House, Mandala, Blantyre. Open to both the public and Society members, the library offers a unique collection of books, documents and photographs of interest to browsers and researchers alike.

Some of their images can be found on the following repository:

Society of Malawi